Human Chromosomes (SEM)

AP Biology

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AP Biology Lectures

Term 1

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Reactions, Catalysis, & Enzymology

  • Chapter 8

Membrane Biology & Eukaryotic Cellular Biology

  • Chapters 7, 6
  •  Harvard's Life of a Cell animation (click on Media, then Inner Life)

Cellular Energetics: Cellular respiration, fermentation, & photosynthesis

Cellular Reproduction and Coordination: Mitosis, meiosis, & cellular communication

Term 2

Molecular Biology

Genetics of Eukaryotes

Genetics of Prokaryotes and Viruses & Molecular Biology Techniques

  • Chapters 18, 20


Term 3

Evolution of Life & the Lower Kingdoms

  • Chapters 26-28, 31

 Kingdom Plantae

  • Chapters 29-30, 35-39 (will be split into two tests)


  • Test: TBA
  • Done on your own over February vacation
  • Chapters 50, 52-55 (No animal behavior)

Animal Diversity

  • Chapters 32-34
  • You are also responsible for the function of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory etc. systems of the non-mammalian systems found in the next chapters.
  • Animal Diversity Organized Notes Word | PDF
  • Animal Diversity Review Sheet Word | PDF

Term 4

Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Chapters 40-49
  •  This unit will be broken into smaller chunks for exams

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