Human Chromosomes (SEM)

AP Biology

Framingham High School- Dr. Langdon (email)


  • MIT Biology Index
    (Select courses 7.012, 7.013, 7.014--their introductory biology courses)
    MIT's Open Course Biology Index. The material found in these links is exceptional.  They are great examples of what is expected from a high level biology course, and have many great study aids like problem sets with keys
  • AP Exam Electronic Study Cards for TI calculators
    These are electronic flash cards that can be downloaded into your TI graphing calculator.  They are downloaded from the College Board AP Biology website.  I haven't seen them, so have no opinion of their usefulness.


Cellular Biology

  • The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Gallery
    The Nikon Corporation, makers of camera and microscope lens, has sponsored a contest that recognizes the most outstanding pictures taken through microscopes.  Galleries of the winners can be found here.



  • FlyBase
    Searchable database containing all known genes and alleles of Drosophila melanogaster hosted at the University of Indiana.


  • Exploring Life's Origins
    A beautiful site that describes the research an theories looking into the first appearance of life on Earth.

Diversity of Life


  • The Nobel Prize website
    Listing all the winners, and short descriptions of their life and work.  The prizes for each year are announced in October.

Tests and Review