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Hints on Preparing for the SAT Subject Test.

  • Get a SAT Subject Test Biology (sometimes called SAT II Biology) review book that has both practice tests and review chapters.

  • Read the entire review book!  There will be material on the test we will not have covered in class.   If you are serious about getting a high score, become familiar with all the material that may be on the test.

  • Begin preparing for the test about one month before the test date.  Do not wait for the last minute.

  • Create a schedule to review the material.  Count the number of days before the test and divide the review book into pieces.  Review a little of the book each night.  Always do the questions at the end of the chapter to see how you are doing.

  • Pay attention to material you are having problems with.   Make of list of these problem areas, and go back over them until you are comfortable.

  • There will be material on the test that you have not learned in class.  Don't panic--virtually everyone who takes the test will see questions that they haven't learned about.  If you have time, use your textbook and your review book to learn the material (the review book should give you a good idea of how much you need to know).  If you are getting overwhelmed, simply leave skip the material and focus on sharpening what you were taught.

  • Take practice tests.  The best way to get ready for the test is take as many full length practice tests you can.  Make sure you take them under real-world conditions:  give yourself one solid hour (no extra time, no interruptions, no breaks!).  Go over the test, paying close attention to the questions you missed. 

    • Are they all in one area, like cell reproduction?  If so, then you have found an area you are weak in and should devote extra time to this area. 

    • Are they in areas you haven't covered in class and need to pick up on your own? 

    • Are you guessing too much and getting too many questions wrong rather than just omitting them?

    I have a number of practice tests you can take to gauge your progress, including two real SAT subject tests given in the past.

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