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Studying for Honors Biology & Other Science Courses

Honors Biology can be a very intimidating course.  You have to remember a large amount of information. You have to apply what you know to problems and situations you did not directly cover in class.   With the right study skills, you can excel at your honors classes.

It is important to begin by saying you will have to study for this course.  You may have found your middle school courses very straightforward, and that you did not have to put much effort into your tests.  Honors Biology is different.  The other students in your class were also the top science students in their eighth grade classes, so the competition is much fiercer.  Honors Biology also asks different types of questions than your middle school courses.  If you want to continue to earn the grades you want, you will have to work for them.

First and foremost...come afterschool if you do not understand something.

The course moves fast, and you may hit a point where you don't understand what was covered in lecture.  Unfortunately, to be fair to the other students and to ensure we cover all the material, we cannot stop and re-teach an area because a few students are unclear.  It is your responsibility to see the teacher for extra help.  In my class, that means seeing me afterschool.

When you come in to ask questions, make sure you know what you need help on.  Don't just say "I don't get this cell energetics stuff."  You probably do get most of the material, but you may have difficulty understanding the Kreb's cycle, or how the electron transport chain works.  I can easily help you with either of these topics.  I would not be able to re-teach an entire week-long unit on energetics afterschool--but I can help you if you are focused.

Also, come in as soon as you can.  The topics in this course and other science course tend to build on each other.  If you have a problem on Monday, it is not going to go away Wednesday.  It is only going to get worse.  Remember that academics always come before sports and clubs.  Club advisors and coaches will accept late passes if you need to stay with a teacher.

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