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You are responsible for completing this unit over April vacation. 

To help you learn the material you will be given a copy of the SparkNotes© ecology section.  You can get the same material online here.

You will get two days of lecture on this material, then sit the Ecology Exam during the later half of the week we return.

Instructions for this unit can be found here.


Exam Preparation


Starlings in Central Park, invasive species

A huge flock of starlings swirling around Central Park.  In 1890, New Yorker Eugene Schieffelin released 60 starlings he imported from Europe.  he wanted to introduce into the park every bird mentioned in Shakespeare.

Today, these birds are considered an invasive species.  To quote the New York Times in a 1990 article "celebrating" the centennial of their introduction:

"Roosting in hordes of up to a million, starlings can devour vast stores of seed and fruit, offsetting whatever benefit they confer by eating insects. In a single day, a cloud of omnivorous starlings can gobble up 20 tons of potatoes."