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Course Guidelines in Word or PDF Format

A Student interested in Honors Biology should...

  • Be taking Geometry or higher while enrolled in Honors Biology (you must have passed Algebra I)
  • Be interested in science and willing to work hard.
  • Have strong reading skills and be able to read and understand material from a text without the teacher having to go over it.
  • Have very good note taking skills.
  • Have strong test-taking skills. Most of the course grade is based on test scores.
  • Be willing and able to see the teacher outside of class for help.

Is Honors Right for Me?

The Honors Biology Program introduces students to the full breadth of biological science, and covers the following areas: biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, organismal and molecular genetics, evolution, and a survey of life culminating in human anatomy and physiology. Class material is delivered through lecture.
The labs emphasize gathering proper data. Students are graded on their accuracy in the lab and their evaluation of the results. This is very different from the traditional “activities” (microscopic observation, making models, etc.) done in the past. Dissections are included in this course.

An honors course stresses mastery of the material, so tests are the main contributor to a student's grade. Extra credit is not offered in this class. Students who are strongly self-motivated to study and prepare for the course do the best. This is not a course for students who thought "science is kinda cool" in middle school, but who don't like to work or study.

At the end of the course, all students will take the MCAS in Biology.  Most students will be prepared, though not required, to take the SAT Subject Test in Biology. Honors Biology is an AP Biology preparatory course should students wish to continue their studies.

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