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Science Projects

Honors Biology students are required to complete an experimental or engineering project. Projects are assigned at the start of term 2 and due at the start of term 3. They are worth 10% of the term 3 grade.

The project is written up in a final report that will be turned in along with a laboratory notebook that records the day-to-day progress. The most important part of presenting the project, though, will be through a poster board and a five-minute oral presentation to the entire class.

Complete information can be found in the Science Project Guide (PDFPDF Icon). Information for preparing the written report for an experimental project can be downloaded here (PDFPDF Icon), and information on writing an engineering project report is here (PDFPDF Icon).

The best projects will compete in a science fair in February, where they can earn awards and cash prizes.

About the Project

  • Projects must be either an experiment where you prove or disprove a hypothesis, or an engineering project where you design and build a prototype to solve a problem. You cannot write a research paper or build a model.
  • Students must get prior approval before they can begin work.
  • Students work individually. There are no team projects in my class.
  • Projects can be in any field of science or engineering, not just biology. A look at the projects done by past winners shows that students can do great work in any field.
  • Assistance from parents, other adults, or professionals can be very helpful. They can teach techniques and supervise dangerous activities, but they cannot do the work for the students.


Past Winners

Important Dates

Proposal Due: 7 or 8 November
Project Due: 3 February 2014
Science Fair: 12 February 2014

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