Human Chromosomes (SEM)

Framingham High School, Framingham MA

The Biology Olympiad

The Biology Olympiad is a highly-competitive series of tests to recognize students with exceptional knowledge of biology.  The USA Biology Olympiad is currently run by the Center for Excellence in Education.

The USA Biology Olympiad is composed of three tests.  The Open exam is taken by thousands of students in the nation. Students who score in the top 10% of the Open Exam move on to the Semi-final Exam.  From here, the top 20 students in the nation will travel to a university to take a week-long series of tests and labs to compete for one of the four spots on Team USA to compete internationally.

Test Dates:

2014 Competition

Open Exam: 12 February 2014 (BDCGF) during G period
                    Lunch will be provided.
                    Register online here.  (Coming soon)

Semi-Final Exam: TBA




FHS Semi-finalists & Finalists

Practice Material:

Practice Questions (2004)